Mercedes’ Gear Selector Keeps Your Transmission Shifting Smoothly

Mercedes Transmissions

Mercedes’ Gear Selector Keeps Your Transmission Shifting Smoothly

Don’t Get Stuck When Shifting Gears

The Mercedes brand has long been associated with top tier quality: in performance, in comfort, and in innovation. Because of Mercedes’ insistence on excellence, spelled out in its slogan, “the best or nothing,” it has long led the pack in engine performance and handling, courtesy of its superiorly engineered transmission system. Like any other vehicle, time, road conditions, and general wear and tear can begin to impact your Mercedes’ performance. If your beloved Mercedes is beginning to shift less smoothly, with pauses, roughness, strange noises, or slipping, particularly when accelerating, you could have a potentially serious transmission issue. The import experts at Scottsdale European Service, home to a team of professionally trained technicians specifically trained in Mercedes-Benz repair, are ready and waiting to assist you in our specifically designed and equipped Mercedes-Benz service center.

Keep Your Transmission Healthy

If you’ve noticed any of the above issues, or you’ve noticed other performance issues, it’s time to let the Scottsdale European Service team under the hood to assess your vehicle’s condition and make maintenance and repair recommendations as needed. Slipping, rough or hesitant shifting, odd noises, and other general unresponsiveness could be an issue with your transmission system’s gear selector, an essential part responsible for switching gears automatically as needed in your Mercedes. If you’ve ever remarked on the unbelievably smooth shifting and handling of your vehicle, that’s the Mercedes’ engineered gear selector at work. But like any other car component, time and wear and tear can cause deterioration of the transmission’s valve body, allowing for issues in the release of transmission fluid throughout the transmission system. Without proper fluid dispensing, the gears become difficult to turn, resulting in jerky or hesitant shifting. There are other essential components at play in your Mercedes-Benz’s transmission system, including gears, cables, and linkages. While often small, these components, which can also be affected by wear and tear, are all essential to proper transmission function.

Affordable Repairs

Owned by Mercedes-Benz Master Certified Technician Zach Peterson, the expert team at Scottsdale European Service is the absolute best at Mercedes-Benz repair and service, at sometimes 30% to 50% less than dealership service costs! Whether it’s a significant transmission issue or just general preventative maintenance, we’ve got your Mercedes covered from bumper to bumper, from the wheels up. So stop by the shop or give us a call today and entrust your Mercedes to the best hands in the business. At Scottsdale European Service, we’re as passionate about your Mercedes-Benz vehicle as you are.

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