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While driving your Mercedes, you’ll inevitably hit a pothole or rough patches of road. Not only is it uncomfortable for you as a driver, but it can also be quite harsh on your vehicle’s wheels. Over time, this can cause your car to have trouble keeping straight, and you may even notice a “pulling” effect due to misalignment. If this is the case with your Mercedes vehicle, bring it into Scottsdale European Service today. At Scottsdale European Service, we specialize in Mercedes wheel alignment services for your luxury Mercedes vehicle. At Scottsdale European Service we are proud to use state of the art alignment machine by Hunter Engineering, the only alignment machine approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Is It Time for a Wheel Alignment?

Steering Wheel is Off-Center

One of the quickest ways to tell if your vehicle needs an alignment is by driving down a flat, level road. Though there will be some discrepancy depending on the type of road you’re driving on, you’re steering wheel should be sitting close to perfectly straight. If it is drastically off-center or any more than a few degrees in either direction, it’s time to have your alignment checked.

Vehicle Pulling to the Left or Right

Another way to check your vehicle’s alignment is to safely remove your hands from the steering wheel and allow the vehicle to guide itself. You can do this in an empty parking lot. If you notice your car drifting to one side or the other, this is another indication that your wheels should be aligned. If not adjusted soon, over time, it could be more difficult to drive straight and require you to maintain a firm grip at all times.

Uneven Tire Wear

All tires have an average life span, but nothing will shorten that more quickly than uneven tire wear. Wear on either edge of the tire often suffuses a problem with the camber adjustment, while feathering or scalloping may suggest a problem with the toe adjustment. If you notice uneven tire wear with your car’s tires, you should consider having them properly aligned.

Steering Wheel Vibration

When a car’s alignment is unbalanced, the wheel alignment will cause a vibration in the steering wheel. You’ll likely notice this the most while driving over bumps in the road. While this may be the result of an unbalanced tire, vibrations in your steering wheel can also be a sign that your wheels need to be realigned and should be looked at by a professional at your earliest convenience.

Get Your Mercedes Wheels Aligned Today

Symptoms of misalignment can be easily ignored, but the longer they are left without being fixed, the more damage that will be done to the tires and the vehicle. If you need to get the wheels of your Mercedes aligned, you can trust the professionals at Scottsdale European Service. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and ensuring that your luxury Mercedes is treated with the utmost care and respect. With years of experience, our staff of professional specialists will get your Mercedes serviced and back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Whether you think there’s an issue with your car’s transmission or you just want to make sure everything is running properly, stop by our facility today, and our team of technicians will make sure your Mercedes is back on the road with peace of mind. Find us at 7279 E Adobe Dr Suite 110. Call us today at (480) 473-4722 to schedule an alignment appointment for your Mercedes-Benz.