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Your Mercedes-Benz’s top-notch service plan continues with your B Services at approximately 20,000 miles. This typically starts about one year after your initial A Service. Your Mercedes’ Flexible Service System will determine the service interval. Scottsdale European Service in Scottsdale, Arizona, employs a team of Mercedes certified master technicians. We’ve gone through extensive training for Mercedes-Benz vehicles that qualify us to care for your vehicle. You’re driving one of the industry’s most sophisticated vehicles and its service requires a technician who knows the proper care. The Mercedes B Service includes: Mobile1 engine oil and filter change, engine air filter replacement, cabin dust filter replacement, brake fluid system flush, reset service reminder and a comprehensive multi-point inspection. The multi point inspection includes, but is not limited to: System battery test, check and correct all fluid levels, measure brakes, measure tire tread depth, correct tire pressures, correct spare tire pressure, inspect suspension components, inspect steering system, inspect vehicle for leaks, inspect wiper blades, and perform a vehicle road test to ensure your Mercedes-Benz handling and driving they way it was designed.

We perform the Mercedes Benz B Service in accordance with Mercedes-Benz. Servicing your vehicle with us during your Mercedes-Benz warranty period does not void your warranty.

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Mercedes-Benz is on the cutting edge of all auto industry innovation. Manufacturers and engineers are creating these advanced vehicles faster than many shops can keep up. We stay abreast of all Mercedes’ latest technologies because we’re dedicated solely to Mercedes-Benz. Our top-notch preventative maintenance continues with our Mercedes B services. The goal is to make sure your vehicle stays on the road and you experience quality road travel. Your Mercedes B Services are scheduled at the appropriate intervals and keep you two steps ahead of any repair or breakdown. During every appointment, we’re able to identify potential problems and correct them. The Mercedes’ Maintenance Service Indicator will alert you of its need for a B Service appointment. Your car will be in the best possible care at MBZ Scottsdale Service, and we’ll extend its road-life and protect its value.

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Protect your Mercedes-Benz and get the most out of it for as long as possible by adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended service plans. We know how your Mercedes is supposed to sound and perform. Avoid misdiagnosis from inexperienced technicians by trusting your Mercedes B Services to our experts. When we’re doing our job right, you have nothing to worry about but directions to our facility at 7279 E. Adobe Drive. All we need is your vehicle and a little bit of your time. We’ll handle the rest. Give us a call today at [as_phone] to schedule your next Mercedes B Service appointment. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by 7279 E Adobe Dr Suite 110 to meet our specialists. To save some time, you can go ahead and schedule your Mercedes B Service appointment online right now. We look forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle.