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Are Your Mercedes’ Brakes at Risk?

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Mercedes is an iconic brand, associated with excellence in craftsmanship, luxury, and performance. Mercedes’ insistence on excellence in all aspects has driven them to issue a recall for a potential brake issue called “advanced corrosion.” Essentially, the brake booster, an under-the-hood element, is responsible for creating the vacuum effect required in power-braking systems. When the booster gets repeatedly exposed to water, or is subject to a large quantity of water, corrosion can occur, which leads to leaking in the brake booster. This can create faulty brakes, requiring you to press harder to stop or slow your vehicle, a danger when operating the car on the road. Scottsdale European Service, the premiere import auto repair shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, has the info and expertise to service your Mercedes and get you back on the road in safety and comfort.

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The Mercedes brake booster recall affects roughly one million vehicles globally, about 300,000 of which are in the United States. The recall potentially affects the following models: the GL-Class, the M-Class, and the R-Class crossovers of the model years 2006 – 2012. While Mercedes has made efforts to reach every potentially affected Mercedes owner, there’s a chance you may be driving an affected vehicle and be unaware. If you’re driving one of the above models or are concerned you might be affected by the recall, bring your Mercedes to the experts at Scottsdale European Service for friendly, professional service, expert knowledge, and peace of mind.

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When you bring your Mercedes in for a brake repair appointment, our specialist technicians will first inspect your vehicle’s entire braking system, paying special attention to the brake boosters for corrosion. If our expert mechanics don’t see corrosion, great news, the vehicle is safe to continue driving normally, provided the rest of your Mercedes’ brake inspection passes muster. Additional tests will be performed if corrosion is discovered to determine how quickly your brake boosters need replacement, potentially up to two years from now. Regardless of how your Mercedes’ brake repair appointment goes, you’re in the best of hands with Scottsdale European Service, the import experts in Scottsdale, Arizona. Don’t wait; bring us your Mercedes today for a thorough, professional inspection to ensure peak performance, comfort, and safety for years to come.

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