The 411 On Mercedes B Service

Keeping Up With Your B Service

We have previously talked about the Mercedes A Service; now we are heading to Mercedes B Service. You will need to have this follow-up service every 20,000 miles or two years. Of course, it is whatever comes first. Mercedes B Services is necessary for the longevity of your vehicle. Although it probably seems like a hassle to have to keep up with two types of maintenance, keeping up a schedule of A and B services will keep your vehicle running smoothly. A qualified mechanic, like those you will find at Scottsdale European Service in Scottsdale, AZ, will keep you on track. There is nothing we don’t know about Mercedes B Service, and we have put together a simple guide for you.

Mercedes B Service Basics

The Mercedes B Service is more extensive than the A Service. You will get the same A services, but with more added to help your vehicle stay healthy. Whereas the A Service includes the basics of auto maintenance, the B Service includes more specialized checks.

Here is a list of all that Service B covers:

  • Resetting your maintenance counter
  • Brake Check and Fluid Exchange
  • Oil Change (Depending on your service schedule)
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Tire Check and Inflation
  • Multiple Fluid Checks
  • Synthetic Oil Replacement (Based on car models)

Your Local Mercedes Experts

You should not skip out on your Service B because you had a Service A; the two services should be rotated. Routine maintenance and service on your Mercedes will keep your model on the road safely and running its best. It really could be a temptation to skip it, but a good mechanic will help you keep up. Mercedes-Benz is a popular luxury model car, and drivers want their vehicle to run like it looks and feels. With regular Service B maintenance, you are more guaranteed a smooth ride. Here at Scottsdale European Service in Scottsdale, AZ, we know how much owners love their Mercedes-Benz. We will get your Service B completed in both a timely and affordable manner. You won’t have to be without your car for long. Call us to schedule an appointment today for your Mercedes Service B.

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